About 100 years ago, Duchamp submitted 'Fontaine (EN: Fountain)' to the exhibition held here- former Grand Central Palace. That artwork was not placed in show but it embarked the beginning of the current contemporary art history.

 Years later, the building was destroyed and major art shows moved to the other locations. In this month, there are so many art fairs here in New York. 

And in this moment, my artwork 'Fontaine' 
- religious art for creativity that human have - 
appears where it should be.

I am Kosuke Motohashi, a Japanese artist.

Now I am creating religious art to admire creativity that human have. This is an attempt to change the relationship between human and art.

My belief is that creativity will be the kind of next god for future human beings, and creativity will be the identity of human beings.

As an artist, my god is also creativity inside of myself. This expression might be affected by the fact I am Japanese, who don’t care the shape of god.

This artwork 'Fontaine' is one piece of my series 'Portrait of Sapiens'. The painted motif is "avatar of creativity" and not a real god in existing religions. It was created by human creativity. However for me, it seems that believing in creativity is more sure thing, necessary thing and more peace for the world. 

By the way, there is an offertory box included in this installation. It is a prototype of the future idea of the relationship between art and money.

Pay money to feel but not to buy. 

Because, if the value of art is not about "to own it" but "just to feel it", this is a more natural relationship than the current sell & buy market, isn't it? 

I will put this artwork somewhere else in NY after this installation, and paint another work using the money collected in this installation. Please put put money in offertory box if you feel something. 

Please join my art. 
It is ok if it is only 1 cent. 
And watch me what I do next. 

Installed artwork

'Fontaine' 2020
- Acrylic, canvas, frame
- 1355×1096×70mm.

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